Tutor meeting reports include general discussion topics, ways forward, targets, plans already agreed and decisions regarding how to implement agreed items in no particular order. Some items are agreed targets, others simple actions that have been passed to the tutor as intended ways forward.

  • A lot of the meeting with Ana was confirmation of ways forward that I had already decided to progress, so it was good to get confirmation that I was heading in the right direction.
  • We discussed the tradition of Nordic childrens story and TV and it's similarity of where I was going - good, as I had already been looking into Nordic TV through my CG background and productions such as Lassemaja [1], [2]. Maybe this direction has come from my own viewing of both british and European TV in the 70's when I was growing up, including the Children's Film Foundation. US TV at the moment (and actually at the time, through such this things as Littleest Hobo) leaves me cold.
  • Discussed the CineKid.nl website and festival. In regards to the website (in isolation) it seems very similar to the Into Film project, though far further along.
  • Anna raised funding opportunities via the Wellcome Trust. I'am aware of them through my work in the IT world, but I had not even thought of this avenue for funding (thanks Anna) - though this is probably at present because I am still thinking like an IAC cinemtographer. I had already in the past two weeks established that this is the first film I would actually dedicate a budget to, so I need to start thinking in a different vein.
  • Confirmed nature of the format that I should produce - it is pretty much a given now that I will work on a 3x15min story arc as the product of this module. If needs mean that I should shorten it for product later, then this format should allow me to do so without unnatural breaks.
  • Confirmed with Anna format (or rather, openess) of the format of the treatment that I should be producing. I had already downloaded the treatment pack from the Raindance website and realised the differences between the existing intent that I had (based upon information from Miriam Horowitz). Good discussion over positives and negatives - looks like I'm going to conciously go down the route of a European style treatment (more literary) that the UK/US style (more mechanical and difficult to read, but easy to convert to a later script).
  • From the treatment pack, it also confirms some of the information that I can add to the start of the treatment that I felt that I should leave out in the final submission (based on the Horowitz style). This is important as visual style / propaganda inclusion is a vital part of what the production is mean to achieve, but does not fit well into the body of the treatment.