A few days without a post as I've been digging deep into the reserves of frustration and putting the treatment together for the first story arc. The first 'act' (I'm viewing the story as a 45 min single story at present) went like a dream. Act 2 was a nightmare, but on a re-read actually worked well. Act 3 was a nightmare, and two days later its still a bloody nightmare!

In the meantime I went back to Skripto!, the script writing software that I wrote at the beginning of the year and and put together the first act as a proper script. Got to admit, works very well and comes in at 13 pages - perfect one you add the longer sequences that are just described in a quick paragraph (like Harmony's testing at the specialist) to come in at the 15min mark.

Along the way, there have been changes from the original thought process. As always, slight hints, discussions and even passing thoughts in the street all add to the overall tapestry. A good talk with David (from TVP) on Tuesday led to a switch around of when and why the master criminal is found, and the introduction of a new character that has long turn, slow-burner promise.

Onward and upwards.

Well, if I can get this damn 3rd act sorted out, anyway!