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Tutor meeting report - Rick Harvey, 2016-05-25

Tutor meeting reports include general discussion topics, ways forward, targets, plans already agreed and decisions regarding how to implement agreed items in no particular order. Some items are agreed targets, others simple actions that have been passed to the tutor as intended ways forward.

  • Aim for a 15min short pilot targetted at good web distribution.
  • Will look at an initial 3 webispode arc of 3 x 15mins, allowing development of a full pilot of TV length and long term story planning but split of three separate online shows. Possible outlining of a 3 x 3 story arc, totalling about 120 - 150mins.
  • Aim to deliver a treatment to tutor by monday, 13th June, with meetings to usually take place at 13:00 on any given Monday decided upon.
  • Reflective Report - maybe look at continuation of a story line over a 150min period - till now, I have only ever looked at shorts and single-story mini-features of upto 40 minutes.
  • Look at Egri (already in possession and mostly read), but also York (to be acquired).
  • Work on balance of the story / plot / propaganda so as to not imbalance for the audience.
  • Initial plans (generally) - contact Trinity and Frewen to see if I can arrange interviews for real-world experiences.
  • Important - complete an ethics document and get to Rick to sign. Can I really hold interviews before this document is OK'd? Email Rick to confirm.
  • Product to aim for in module as a whole - Treatment and possibly script (from Rick); Full treatment with arc definitions (from Me).
  • With treatment, produce mind-maps of character development and story arcs.