About Me

Professional Status
The Chartered IT Institute (British Computer Society)
Chartered IT Professional
Academic Qualifications
MA (ongoing)
Post-Grad - Raindance / Uni. Staffordshire - Filmaking
Post-Grad - Univ. for Creative Arts - Digital Design / Design for Performance and Events
Post-Grad - Canterbury Christchurch - Education
Grad (Hons.) - Uni. Kent - Computing
L5 Dip. (scheduled)
Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia
Industry and Ongoing CPD etc.
Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching (Lancaster Uni.)
Film Production (Creative Skillset)
Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers (Norwich University of the Arts)
Digital Leadership (University of Reading)
Explore Animation (National Film and Television School - NFTS)
Transmedia Storytelling (Sungkyunkwan University)
Building a Sustainable Fashion Business (Creative Skillset)
Teaching Literacy Through Film (British Film Institute - BFI)
(EDU) 2015-12
Radicalisation NCALT (London Met. Police)
Internet of Things, The (King's College London)
Begin Prog.: Build your first mobile game (University of Reading)
Digital Storytelling (University of Birmingham)
Academic Integrity (University of Auckland)
Developing Your Research Project (University of Southampton)
(EDU) 2015-07
PREVENT / Conviction (L&D)
(EDU) 2015-07
English Skills for Teaching (L&D)
Start Writing Fiction (The Open University)
(EDU) 2015-04
Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching (University of Leeds)
(EDU) 2015-04
English Skills - compulsory occupational assessment and diagnosis (L&D)
(EDU) 2015-04
Math Skills - compulsory occupational assessment and diagnosis (L&D)
Explore Filmmaking (National Film and Television School - NFTS)
(EDU) 2015-02
Safeguarding - Keeping Children Safe - compulsory occupational update (L&D)
(EDU) 2014-07
Differentiation in the Classroom for students with specific learning disabilities (L&D)
(EDU) 2014-01
Data Protection (Cylix)
(EDU) 2014-01
Equality and Diversity (Cylix)
(EDU) 2014-01
Safeguarding Essentials - Update (Cylix)
(EDU) 2013-07
Diversity and Inclusion (L&D)
Directing Actors weekend workshop (Raindance)
(EDU) 2013-02
Education Volunteer Training (British Humanist Association)
(EDU) 2012-09
Advancing Equality and Diversity (LSIS)
Directing Essentials (Raindance)
Filmmakers Foundation Certificate (Raindance)
Create and Market Your Web Series (Raindance)
Script Analysis for Directors (Raindance)
Introduction to Screenwriting (Raindance)
Christopher Vogler: The Essence of Storytelling (Raindance)
Screen Acting with Patrick Tucker (Raindance)
Directors Foundation Certificate (Raindance)
Hands On Directing, part 1 and 2 with Patrick Tucker (Raindance)
Saturday Film School (Raindance)
(EDU) 2011-01
Safeguarding Standards (L&D)
(EDU) 2010-06
Diversity In The Workplace (L&D)
(EDU) 2009-01
Child Protection (L&D)
(EDU) 2007-10
Tools for Teachers (3 part occupational teaching tools) (L&D)

Background and Occupation

My name is Craig Robinson. I was born in Durham City, Durham, in the North East of England. Because of family background, I ended up jumping around the country until I ended up in South London in my last few years of school.

On leaving school I passed through government service - first the RAF and then the Prison Service / Home Office in both prisons and headquarters buildings. In the former I ended up with two commendations at the direction of the Home Secretary, and in the latter I visited every establishment in the country in my position in Unix systems support.

With the IT departments being privatised out from under us, I left government service and formed my own software development company. Within a year we had risen to the top three in our niche market place in the UK, also selling aboard. Focusing on information management systems, library and resource management systems we had clients from local to central government, education, private industry, banks and law firms. Even today, I still have several of those clients with me - in particular in media-library management systems within the Defence sector.

Today, my commercial interests lie in three companies dealing with software development & web development, CG production and digital publishing (currently literature, but also soon to include film & video).


Up until this point, my education amounted to about 13 O and OA levels and nothing of an HE level or even connected with computing. In 2004 therefore, I decided to rationalise my years of experience by going back to school and getting some academic credit. Today I have a BSc in computing from Kent, a PGCE (post-graduate certificate of education) and I am a Chartered IT Professional with now well over 30 years of experience in IT - my first software development was taking place when I was 6. I still run several computer companies, but spend a good percentage of my time teaching IT up to degree level at the IT HE department of Mid-Kent College - effectively having been poached to teach the same course that I took to gain my degree.

Having been involved in digital arts probably as long as my software development skills, I am also a keen digital artist and CG designer. This was partly the reason why when selecting my next academic steps I chose to go for the arts rather than the sciences. In the last few years I started an MA with the University of the Creative Arts. Starting as an MA in Digital Design, during an intermission because of workload it has somehow morphed it's way into Design for Performance and Events - a better choice at the end of the day because of my main set of hobbies nowadays.

In addition, over the coming year, I'll also be starting to develop a new joint IT / Creative media course for the college.

eDBS cleared (Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service for employment with vulnerable adults and children - the replacement to CRB checks), renewed by Kent County Council, September 2013. eDBS certificate number available on request.


Historically, my film making involvement has been connected with the supply of CG sequences and assistance in local corporate video production. Several years ago however, my general interest in photography resurfaced (my father was heavily into photography and held a press-photographers card, as well as using video camera equipment from the early 80's). This became an absolute need however, when I decided to undertake a film production to be included in my MA. The big decision was whether to return to the camcorder setup or kill two birds with one stone and go HDSLR. In the end, I made a compromise in the form of Sony's HDSLT Alpha series of cameras. Today, I film using both an Alpha SLT-A65 and the heavy-weight SLT-A99 (roughly equivalent to the Canon 5D Mk III for people who don't know where that sits).

While being a film-maker, I am also an associate member of the Directors Guild (DGGB) (I'd love to become a professional member, but this would mean giving up my non-commercial status), Raindance (from which I have gained most of my film-making training) and I am a prolific script-writer. Each script that I have submitted to competition so far has scored highly in each competition.

In the last year I have also become involved in several acting schools - in particular the Black Hole Academy in Canterbury and the West End Classrooms in Medway. This year I'll be performing the majority (if not all) of the film work associated with these two schools and in particular will be producing a feature length with five student from the West End Classrooms from my own script*. All however, still in the non-commercial world.


* it should be noted that this is never actually a good idea. In this case I'm confident however, as the script has been ripped apart by so many people and still stood the test.