Learning Contract NP2

Section taken from the official learning contract submission.

To be undertaken for 300 hours (30 credits) between January and May 2017.

“ Analyse the requirements of the NP1 script development and NFP Production Design results, then perform pre-production activities in readiness for a final production process to be undertaken in the Masters Project.”


The NP1 script design and NFP production design modules by this time have prepared the way for the requirements of what needs to be included within the final production. While some levels of pre-production may have been carried out as part of the production design process, such as the creation of costumes, props and digital content that were created for exploration and prototyping but which can be re-used in the final production, strictly speaking no work has yet been done to formulate how the production is to be delivered.

This module is intended to examine the product of those previous two modules and perform tasks that can be summarised in two groups of activities [P2LO1/2]:

Pre-production of any required materials required for the final production, including costume, props, filming locations, scouting set production etc. (i.e. content). Some of this may extend into the final production if need requires it, such as limited time availability (of the prop, location etc.) during the production process itself [P2LO1/2/3].

Administrative processes often connected with the production management team such as scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing etc. [P2LO1/2/3/4]

Theoretical Context

This module provides the opportunity to research the requirements of a pre-production process and to exercise that research in a practical form [P2LO2/3].

While I am experienced at making short films, the overwhelming majority have been undertaken in a non-commercial environment where pressures are not an important factor. While still undertaking far more than non-commercial (e.g. IAC) contemporaries, pre-production, especially in an administrative sense, has in the past never therefore been a critical component. By introducing industry practices and module deadlines, this module allows for a true exercising of the pre-production process in readiness for the final Masters Project module [P2LO1/2/4].


The methodology that will be used in the planning of the documentary will include:

- Studying best-practice in pre-production methodologies in existing filmic and TV through reference books and articles, as well as recorded documentary [P2LO1/2],

- Studying alternate production scheduling techniques and equating them to knowledge of methodologies already possessed (e.g. PRINCE, SCRUM, Agile etc.) [P2LO1/3/4],

- Undertaking prototyping and pre-production exercises to a defined (and suitable for the nature of the course) schedule [P2LO3/4]


The deliverables from this module will include:

- A reflective report on the progress made during the module [P2LO1/3/4/5],

- A production plan for the creation of the documentary [P2LO1/2/3],

- Possible test sequences and production design element tests in a portfolio format [P2LO2].


Assessment will be undertaken in the module through the suitability of the pre-production administrative work prepared for the final module.

Elements to be assessed will include the administrative / managerial components, the nature of the physical pre-production undertaken (e.g. props, CG etc. that would be best undertaken in readiness to the full production process) but also the reflective report assessing progress.