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The Dyslexic Advisor, part II. The return of the dyslexic advisor...

Next email on its way, this time to the Dyslexic Action charity that I've been looking at for a while. They have a media contact, so lets see if they have any advice on a suitable advisor!

Wanted - Dyslexic advisor, must be house trained.

Damn. I thought that I had found a perfect advisor for the production, but she's not available - at least for a while.

Because any true scientific stuff that i add to the project is beyond the authoritative graders on the course, it was decided to leave it out and focus on the film production skills. As a result, I'm only going to be using tried and tested research that is already out there in the field. At the very least therefore, that means that I need at least one 'advisor' who can keep me on the straight and narrow. A second, or third pair of eyes is always good as well to ensure that we are getting the correct balance of content into the show. It is very easy, when working on ones own, to miss things.

Problem is, quick email off this morning - local, skilled, in the industry, but also pregnant and on maternity leave until at least the Summer.


Still would like to leave an opening for her long term, as I think that she is perfect, but for the moment still looking!