Current Film & Video Activity

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2013, May [unknown]

Start of shooting of the feature-script 'The Temple Manor' by five students of West End Classrooms.

2013, April [unknown]

Primary on-location shooting of the showcase script "Signed" or "?" with students from the Blackhole Academy. I don't know which this is going to be yet, as students from Mid-Kent College Creative Media program are going to take on one of these scripts.

2013, April 12th

  • Primary on-location shooting in Deal of the showcase script "On The Edge" with students from the Blackhole Academy.
  • Start of rehearsals at West End Classrooms for my feature script 'The Temple Manor'

2013, March 28th

Submission of the non-linear feature script 'Hope Spring Eternal' to the Screenwriting Goldmine competition. Only about £250 winning prize, but also something far more worthwhile: a meeting with people who matter, and the chance for the script to be taken up by a development company. Last year the top 34 scripts got picked up out of 477.